With all due respect to a certain golf tournament held this week in Georgia, the reliable brand of lunacy that marks the Arizona Legislature’s first session of each year is truly a tradition unlike any other.

This year, with harebrained efforts to arm teachers and criminalize transgenders’ use of public bathrooms, has been no different.

It’s all the more encouraging, therefore, to see a local legislator sponsor a sensible bill that promises to have a positive impact felt far beyond the Valley — and it’s especially nice to see a bill like that signed into law.

That’s what happened one week ago today, when Gov. Jan Brewer made House Bill 2064, sponsored by Rep. Heather Carter, R-Cave Creek, one of Arizona’s newest laws.

The law streamlines the process by which licensed military medical professionals receive permits for training at the Scottsdale Healthcare Military Training Center, bolstering the facility’s reputation and facilitating instruction that could save lives on the battlefield. The program — which serves active duty, reserve and National Guard primarily from the Army and Air Force — has trained more than 1,600 medics at its Osborn Road location.

That number likely would have been higher if not for the dismaying amount of red tape medics had to wade through under the old state law. Many of those medics were licensed in other states and had difficulties getting requisite approval from regulatory agencies because Arizona licensing boards didn’t offer uniform exemptions to military personnel.

The new law enables them to receive training without the paperwork and fees that had accompanied the program in the past.

This law won’t generate many headlines or attract national media attention, but that’s hardly a bad thing. Carter, a former seventh-grade teacher in the Paradise Valley Unified School District, just gave her colleagues a lesson in how to champion and pass reasonable and effective legislation.

We’re glad she did — and an already impressive local health-care facility is about to become even stronger as a result.

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