Discrimination, in any form, at any time, against any person is never ok. My vote on SB 1062 was not about politics; it was about common sense and what’s important for Arizona. As a life-long Republican who strongly supports religious freedoms, I view this bill as redundant and unnecessary. In Arizona, we have clearly articulated state statutes defining and protecting religious liberties. While people debate whether or not this bill would or would not allow discrimination to happen, the chance that it ‘might’ is why I voted no.

The unintended and unknown negative consequences of SB 1062 are too great. However, one thing is for sure – this bill is extremely divisive as we have already seen in the media. This bill simply attempts to magnify, exacerbate and perpetuate negative perceptions and caustic issues that separate us as a nation, state, and Party.

We need to recalibrate, realign, and refocus our attention, our priorities, and our politics to matters that truly affect hardworking families; issues like job creation, excellence in education, improved business regulations, improvements in transportation infrastructure and other matters of real importance.

Rather than working on legislation that divides our electorate, we need to be working on legislation that unites us and ultimately encourages outside investment in our state.

The past few days following the passage of SB 1062 have been a whirlwind.  The outpouring of support I have received for my vote overwhelms me. People have sent me countless emails, messages and letters expressing their sincere appreciation for a common-sense approach to this controversial issue. The voices cross party lines, people from both inside and outside my legislative district, and from all over the country, have expressed grave concerns over this legislation.

However, it is certain that there will be groups and individuals who will attack me for my vote (and they have already begun), and my seat in the Legislature will be challenged.  If like me, you believe that our government’s attention should be focused on pressing issues that benefit our state, rather than serve to divide our electorate and Party, discriminate against any person or group, and blemish our reputation and brand, then I ask for your support.  I want to hear from you – visit my website at VOTEHeatherCarter.com and send me an email. I encourage you to write to the Governor and encourage her to veto this SB1062, write letters-to-the-editor for your local newspapers, call-in to radio and television programs and voice your opinions.

We’ve worked diligently over the last few years since the economic downturn to restore the image of Arizona and put us on the road to recovery. I believe Arizona’s best days are ahead of her, and I will work tirelessly to position our state to be the best place to live and prosper for years to come.

Together, we will stand against discrimination of any kind, and together we can restore the image of our state.