Arizona Repubic editorial, 3/1/14, Page B11
Winners and Losers
Gov. Jan Brewer saved the Legislature from itself, vetoing Senate Bill 1062, the right-to-refuse-service bill.

But the state had already taken a blow, and not just in bad publicity.

A national Hispanic lawyers group canceled its 2015 convention in Phoenix simply because the Legislature passed the bill. At least one company considering coming to Arizona reportedly moved on instead. And who knows how many out-of-state visitors will divert their vacations to Santa Fe?

There are ample losers, but the controversy generated by SB 1062 also created winners. Here’s a look at both.

State Reps. Heather Carter, Kate Brophy McGee and Ethan Orr. It took courage for these three Republicans to follow their conscience and vote no, especially after angering the “tea party” wing of their party last year by supporting Medicaid expansion. Such leadership does Arizona proud.” Arizona Repubic editorial, 3/1/14, Page B11

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