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Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

On Tuesday, we celebrate America’s Independence Day. Two hundred and forty one years ago a group of colonies dared to believe in the idea of self-determination, changing the course of history, and setting an example for modern democracy throughout the world. Let us not forget the patriots who sacrificed their lives for liberty.

Community-Based Lawmaking

One of the core functions of government is to keep our communities safe. This year I sponsored and championed HB2133 which increases government transparency and protects our communities.

Today, Governor Ducey will be holding a bill signing ceremony for HB2133 which prescribes specific public notification requirements for the Department of Corrections before they open a new correctional facility.

With the help of amazing neighborhood leaders Ann O’Brien and Julie Read, we passed HB2133 into law. Now, moving forward there is a true statutory process for public notification.

I want to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to advocate for this common sense legislation. As your representative, I will always do what I can to protect our communities and make government agencies more transparent.

Honoring Dr. King

Here in District 15, we take our liberties and rights seriously.  I am reminded today, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, that it is my duty and honor to represent you and work to defend the protections given to us by our forefathers.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, enjoys the inauguration coverage, and takes time to reflect on the wonderful bounty we have here in Arizona.

Mayo Clinic

Great story about our own Mayo Clinic. You can watch the short segment on YouTube or check out the full version from ABC News.

I am proud to support our local Mayo Clinic and all of the great research, education and physician experience that it brings to our state.

Congratulations CCUSD!

Congratulations to Cave Creek Unified School District for your outstanding work. This is a great achievement for our teachers and students – keep up the great work! Read more here.

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