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Back to school!

It’s back to school for many schools in the valley this month and I wish success for all our students this academic year. This year also brings new hope and resolve to strengthen our education system and create quality opportunities for all students. As an educator myself, I ran for the Arizona House of Representatives because I understand a strong education system is tied to a strong economy. I have worked relentlessly to improve education in Arizona, both in the classroom and at the legislature, and will continue to do so this next year.

Disparities in cancer treatment costs shouldn’t determine patient care

Yesterday, at Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare, we celebrated Governor Brewer signing my cost-parity bill for oral anticancer drugs. HB 2078 is one of the bills I was proudest to sponsor last session.

Beginning January 1, 2016, health insurance companies will not be allowed to charge cancer patients different amounts for oral treatment versus injections or those administered intravenously. Now instead of being financially pressured into one type of treatment, patients can consult with their doctors and families and make healthcare decisions based on the patient’s individual circumstances.

With the passage and signing of HB2078, I’m very pleased that our elected officials did the right thing to stand up and represent all cancer patients. By requiring insurance plans that already cover cancer treatments to treat all cancer drugs equally, it is now up to patients working with their doctors to decide what is the best available course of treatment for their condition. This also opens up a world of affordable options for rural cancer patients who don’t live near a treatment center.

HB 2078 will grant patients more access, more affordability, and most importantly, more choice in selecting their treatments.

Heather Carter files over 1600 petitions

Today, the campaign for Heather Carter filed over 1600 signatures, reaching a critical milestone by filing the maximum number of petition signatures with the Secretary of State’s office to qualify for the August 26 election.
I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous support you’ve shown so far!  A special thanks to those who volunteered to collect signatures.  There is still much work to do but with your support and commitment to my campaign, I am confident we will come out on top in August…and November.
Early ballots are mailed out in 69 days and I could still use your help.  Please consider making a contribution to my campaign.
If you are willing to volunteer or would like to show your support with a yard sign, please click the VOLUNTEER button:
Thank you for your continued support and generosity!
Heather Carter

Lawmakers take fight against suicide to the classroom

PHOENIX – Some state lawmakers are taking the fight against teenage suicide to the classroom.

They want to pass a bill that encourages suicide prevention training for teachers.

State representative Heather Carter (R- Cave Creek) worked on the bill after hearing Leann Hull’s story.

15 months ago Tuesday, Hull lost her son Andy to suicide.
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Friends, Family and Supporters

Friends, family and supporters,

Who hasn’t been touched in some way by cancer during their life? It’s a horrible, debilitating disease that strikes indiscriminately and all too often isn’t detected in its early stages, meaning time may be running short for cancer victims.
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