Have you heard?

Many of you have already asked but I wanted to let you know officially, I have decided to run for the Arizona State Senate in 2018.

Arizona has been my home for nearly 30 years. I’ve watched our state grow, raised my family here and for the past seven years I have had the honor of representing the best constituents in the Arizona House of Representatives.

My track record consists of sponsoring legislation that solves many of the complex problems we face in Arizona, making me one of the most effective legislators in the House. I’d like to take that leadership to the Senate to tackle the issues Arizona still faces. But I cannot do it without your help.

First things first, I need to get on the ballot. If you live in LD15 and are a registered Republican or Independent you can follow this link to the Secretary of State’s Office where you can safely and securely sign my electronic nominating petition.

Thank you for your past support and I look forward to continuing to work for you in the future.

Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

On Tuesday, we celebrate America’s Independence Day. Two hundred and forty one years ago a group of colonies dared to believe in the idea of self-determination, changing the course of history, and setting an example for modern democracy throughout the world. Let us not forget the patriots who sacrificed their lives for liberty.

Community-Based Lawmaking

One of the core functions of government is to keep our communities safe. This year I sponsored and championed HB2133 which increases government transparency and protects our communities.

Today, Governor Ducey will be holding a bill signing ceremony for HB2133 which prescribes specific public notification requirements for the Department of Corrections before they open a new correctional facility.

With the help of amazing neighborhood leaders Ann O’Brien and Julie Read, we passed HB2133 into law. Now, moving forward there is a true statutory process for public notification.

I want to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to advocate for this common sense legislation. As your representative, I will always do what I can to protect our communities and make government agencies more transparent.

2016 Legislative Wrap Up

Over this past weekend, the Arizona Legislature adjourned the 2016 legislative session!

I am proud to report we enacted both good public policy and a fiscally responsible budget. We began to reinvest in education by increasing funding for our schools. We prioritized K-12 education funding and ensured schools were protected from formula funding changes in last year’s budget that would have left them short changed. We increased university funding, restored JTED funding and incentivized excellence in education.

We increased funding to child safety and public safety, tackled pension reform, embraced the sharing economy, and we passed KidsCare – providing health insurance to 30,000 uninsured children at no cost to Arizona.

Most importantly, we were able to invest in these programs while protecting Arizona taxpayers.

I hope to build on this progress next year. But first, I need your help to get re-elected. Please help me qualify for the 2016 ballot by signing my electronic nominating petition. Must be registered Republican or Independent and live in LD15 Click here to see a map of LD 15. It is safe, secure, and only takes a minute.

Thank you for your continued support,


Carter asks Arizonans to prioritize health care and education sectors for economic revitalization

Rep. Heather Carter (R-Cave Creek) champions a three-part holistic approach for Arizona: the importance of health care for Arizona’s economy, the need for a strong education system, and the symbiotic relationship between those two sectors.

During a recent panel presented by the Arthritis Foundation, Carter referred to health care as “the economic engine” of Arizona’s future. If the state wants to turn its economy around, she posited, “Health care in Arizona was one of the few Industry sectors that actually sustained, if not increased, during the economic downturn.”

Despite the growth in both health care and population, Arizona still experiences a shortage of physicians, partly due to lack of residencies for medical graduates.

“We train students in Arizona in our state schools … built and paid for by our tax payers then we have to ship them to another state to get their training,” Carter said. “Then they rarely come back. It’s extremely cost ineffective to not be able to train them where they’re educated.”

Carter urges the business community to reach out to legislators regarding medical residency. More doctors in Arizona would benefit consumers and stimulate the state’s economy. When businesses across all sectors consider relocating or expanding, health care and education are top considerations. Strengthening Arizona’s health care sector isn’t just smart business, she noted; it benefits the entire community.

“We want to make this place a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire,” said Carter. “We can do this with the help of health care because it is truly an economic engine. It’s not just about us being able to go to the doctor. It’s about high paying quality jobs that people stay in for long periods of time.”

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