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American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network recognizes Heather Carter


Earlier today I was honored to receive the 2014 National Distinguished Advocacy Award from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN). The Distinguished Advocacy Award is the highest advocacy honor given to state and federal lawmakers who are leaders in the fight against cancer. My oral chemotherapy parity bill and other important healthcare legislation over the past four years were the basis for the award.

The oral chemotherapy parity bill I introduced last session, which received bipartisan support and was signed into law by Governor Brewer, was the particular piece of legislation ACS CAN highlighted. Beginning January 1, 2016, insurance companies will not be allowed to charge different amounts for patients who chose oral treatment in place of injections or intravenous treatments.

I am truly humbled to be recognized by the ACS CAN. And I owe my colleagues and Governor Brewer a huge thank you for doing the right thing to stand up and represent all cancer patients. Oral chemotherapy parity will give patients more access, more affordability, and more choice in their treatments as they face the battle of their lives.

Congratulations to State Representative Matt Lori (R-MI), U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and U.S. Representative Spencer Bachus (R-AL) for also being recognized for their efforts to help cancer patients, survivors, and their families.


Rep. Heather Carter

I’m honored to represent you for two more years

Thank you so much for your help and support. As you know by now, our campaign was once again overwhelmingly successful in Tuesday’s Republican Primary. We focused on the issues and rose above some of the negative campaigning that entered our race.

No Democrats or other third-party candidates are running for these seats, so this Primary Election was the decision-maker for our district’s representatives.

I am honored to once again represent you in the Arizona House. You have my commitment to continue to focus on the issues that matter to you like job creation, improving education, strengthening public safety and providing world-class healthcare right in our own backyard.

I am extremely appreciative to everyone who helped during the campaign. I couldn’t have done this without your help! Let’s make the next two years all about moving our district, and Arizona, forward.


Rep. Heather Carter

Broad Support for Heather Carter


Friday is the last day to request an early ballot for the Primary Election. This race will be decided in the Primary because there are no other candidates from other parties running in the General Election. Please encourage your friends and family to vote in the Primary as well by forwarding this email.

The last four years, we made our state government more transparent and accountable, balanced the budget and have a more watchful eye than ever towards the future – ensuring we don’t make the same mistakes of the past.

We have made great progress in the Arizona comeback and people have taken notice. Below is a partial list of people and organizations who have endorsed my reelection campaign. Please visit my click here for a complete list of endorsements.


Heather Carter – The experienced choice for state representative

As your state representative, I have championed conservative issues that are most important to you. Since being elected, I have voted for several key pieces of legislation that protected our children, strengthened our communities and bolstered our economy.

A Proven Record

Budget: Balanced the budget and cut taxes to spur economic growth

Public Safety: Empowered and strengthened law enforcement to keep drugs and crime off our streets

Child Safety: Replaced failing Child Protective Services with new cabinet level agency, Department of Child Safety

Immigration: Advocated strongly for the federal government to take immediate action to secure our border

Veterans: Sponsored legislation to guarantee in-state college tuition for our veterans, and additional legislation that provided for greater hiring preference for veterans returning to the workforce

Seniors: Passed legislation to drive down pharmaceutical costs

Education: Funded effective and efficient schools, supported school choice and put additional dollars directly in the classroom

Healthcare: Reduced healthcare costs to Arizonans, while maintaining world-class medical care right in our own backyard


Rep. Heather Carter

Three Maricopa County Officials Endorse Heather Carter


Today, I am honored to earn the endorsements of three outstanding Maricopa County officials; Supervisor Steve Chucri, Supervisor Andy Kunasek and County Superintendent Don Covey. Supervisor Kunasek and Supervisor Chucri have been critical to the economic recovery and responsible stewards of our tax dollars. Superintendent Covey has led Maricopa County to two milestone achievement awards this year and is nationally recognized as a leader of responsible education reforms. I will continue to work with these great community innovators to positively reform education policy, ensure responsible spending practices, and protect all Arizona families.

“Heather Carter has played an important role in Arizona becoming one of the most business friendly states. She believes in and is passionate about eliminating burdensome regulations and fostering a pro-business environment so small businesses can succeed. I am happy to support her reelection.”

– Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri

“Heather Carter has become one of the most respected leaders in the Legislature over the last four years.  She has supported conservative economic growth policies, including lower taxes and fiscal responsibility.  Heather is an intelligent, dedicated and results-oriented representative whose proven record of protecting taxpayers should return her to the Capitol.  I support Heather Carter.”

– Maricopa County Supervisor Andy Kunasek

“Heather Carter is an outstanding, conservative principle based leader, and an extraordinary leader and spokesperson for true ‘Re-engineering Arizona K-12 Public School Education’. Her goals are tied to broader public and private interests affecting education, political, social and economic issues that will ensure a highly productive and robust Arizona economy and future.”

– Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools Don Covey

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