Since first being elected in 2010, Representative Heather Carter has worked to ensure that Arizona is positioned for the 21st century by creating a business friendly economic climate, safe communities, strong schools and a secure national border.

Over the last few years, as the national economy has improved, so has the opportunity for business and job growth in Arizona. Representative Carter has been successful in attracting employers and new businesses by lowering taxes, streamlining permitting processes, reducing regulations and improving education. Additionally, through the use of new technology, she continues to reduce state expenses and save money, which is passed on to you, the taxpayer.

Representative Carter is running for re-election because she believes there is still work to be done. As the economy continues to grow and recover, there are several areas that Arizona must focus on:

  • Health Care: Arizona’s economy and families have struggled through challenging times. As Chairwoman of the House Health Committee, she has fought relentlessly for health care reforms which provide more patient choice, more transparency and lower costs. Representative Carter understands the need to continue delivering “world-class health care” right here in our own backyards.
  • Jobs and the Economy: The key to a continued economic recovery is the growth of specific industries and business sectors within the state. By reducing overly burdensome regulation and supporting local businesses, Representative Carter believes it will enable employers to grow and create new jobs. With unemployment still relatively high, she understands the need to make sure Arizona companies have the tools and ability to grow and expand. As a Representative, she has lowered taxes and worked to pass two jobs packages that make Arizona one of the top states for new business development.
  • Balanced Budget: It has become commonplace for government to spend when economic times are good, only to face severe cuts when the economy suffers. Having worked to balance two state budgets, Representative Heather Carter understands the importance of stabilizing government spending. As you would create long-term spending and saving policies for your own family, so must the state. She believes in the need of having a comprehensive vision in order to successfully move Arizona forward, which will provide more economic certainty and restore faith amongst Arizona residents and businesses.
  • Education: A strong education system is the foundation for a strong Arizona. Employers rely on an educated workforce, so it is critical that our K-12, community college and university systems are challenging Arizona students to succeed. Parents know their kids best, so she believes it is important to protect the opportunity for school choice and open enrollment. Representative Carter believes schools need the appropriate level of funding, any new money must be tied to the necessary reforms and improvements in the education system. She supports spending tax dollars wisely and creating a system based in accountability and transparency. By eliminating redundancy, inefficiency and unfunded mandates, it will provide an education system that produces students who are ready to compete globally in the 21st century.
  • Public Safety: Part of the responsibility of being a state legislator is to create laws that protect families and neighborhoods. Heather Carter believes the safety of Arizona families can never be taken for granted.
  • Border Policy: Representative Heather Carter believes in a simple, yet effective approach to dealing with illegal border crossing. She understands we must secure the border and cannot reward those who live in the country illegally. Whether by fence, force or technology, some combination will best suit the state and protect Arizona residents. Representative Carter will continue to work with local law enforcement to secure the border from illegal border crossings and other threats.
  • Family and Life: Representative Heather Carter is pro-life and will continue to protect Arizona families from government intrusion.

The issues above are the topics that she is most frequently asked about. She knows that each and every person has a unique issue or perspective, which is why she encourages you to contact her with your question or concern: