This week, I was named Co-Chair of the ad hoc education data system committee. I am looking forward to working with Rep. Kate Brophy McGee to fix our education system. By improving data collection and reporting standards, we can improve the quality of education for our children. Cost savings and less bureaucracy are natural results of our improvements.

News Release


House Creates Ad Hoc Committee on Education Data Systems

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (September 28, 2011) – Speaker Andy Tobin (R-Paulden) has created the Ad Hoc Committee on Education Data Systems, co-chaired by Representatives Heather Carter (R-North Phoenix) and Kate Brophy McGee (R-Phoenix). The Ad Hoc Committee’s main focus is to raise public awareness on the value of a P-20 longitudinal education data system.

“The key to meaningful education reform is to set academic goals that lead to systematic change – which is not achievable without accurate and reliable data,” Speaker Tobin said.

In addition to the co-chairs, the Speaker has appointed Rep. David Stevens (R-Sierra Vista), Chairman of the House Technology and Infrastructure Committee and Rep. Catherine Miranda (D-Phoenix).

The Ad Hoc Committee will act as public forum for discussion on the design, construction and implementation of state education data systems. As such, the Speaker has appointed key individuals to serve who have day-to-day operational involvement in the efforts currently underway to build our state education data system.
– Rebecca Gau, Director, Governor’s Office of Education Innovation
– Mark Masterson, Chief Information Officer, Arizona Department of Education
– Jaime Molera, President, State Board of Education
– J. Elliott Hibbs, Chair, Data Governance Commission
– Jeff Billings, Director of Technology, Paradise Valley Unified School District

“Education is a tremendous public investment and taxpayers expect a return on that investment,” Rep. Carter said. “We need to be able to demonstrate that every education dollar is being used wisely and with purpose.”

In December, the Ad Hoc will present its findings to the Chair of the House Education Committee, Rep. Doris Goodale (R- Kingman), who has been a proponent of using meaningful data to enhance student achievement and teacher effectiveness.

“Effective use of student performance data eliminates the guessing game that many teachers experience as they assess individual student needs,” Rep. Brophy McGee said. “With effective use of data, a teacher can identify the strengths and weaknesses of their students and tailor instruction for individualized learning pathways.”

The first meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee is scheduled for October 11, 2011 at 10 a.m. in House Hearing Room 3.