As your state representative, I have championed conservative issues that are most important to you. Since being elected, I have voted for several key pieces of legislation that protected our children, strengthened our communities and bolstered our economy.

A Proven Record

Budget: Balanced the budget and cut taxes to spur economic growth

Public Safety: Empowered and strengthened law enforcement to keep drugs and crime off our streets

Child Safety: Replaced failing Child Protective Services with new cabinet level agency, Department of Child Safety

Immigration: Advocated strongly for the federal government to take immediate action to secure our border

Veterans: Sponsored legislation to guarantee in-state college tuition for our veterans, and additional legislation that provided for greater hiring preference for veterans returning to the workforce

Seniors: Passed legislation to drive down pharmaceutical costs

Education: Funded effective and efficient schools, supported school choice and put additional dollars directly in the classroom

Healthcare: Reduced healthcare costs to Arizonans, while maintaining world-class medical care right in our own backyard


Rep. Heather Carter