As you have no doubt noticed, there is an Independent Expenditure group who has decorated our district with political signs falsely claiming I have voted to raise your taxes. May the dirty politics begin.

Sometimes vindication is best served by an independent review. It is with great eagerness and enjoyment I share with you a Fact Check conducted by the Arizona Republic.

They investigated the accuracy of the claim purported on the signs and the results….False – Zero Stars!

Unfortunately, these dishonest tactics have become all too familiar in local politics. It’s a shame a group called The Arizona Taxpayers Action Committee would purposefully deceive voters on a tax related issue.

I sincerely doubt this will be their last attempt to distort the truth in this campaign. They will continue to use disingenuous and dishonest messaging to mislead voters as we head into the final stretches of Primary Election season.

Thank you for your willingness to see through the dirty politics. I stand by my voting record. My goal has always been to protect the taxpayers. If you wish to help me combat this negative campaigning with a truthful, positive message – please make a contribution to my campaign or adopt a yard sign to show your support.


Heather Carter