It’s a New Year and a new legislative session is right around the corner providing a fresh opportunity to continue strengthening Arizona.

Health and education issues are always a high-priority. This year, particular attention will go towards enhancing charter school transparency, a long-term water drought contingency plan and criminal justice reform will require bipartisan cooperation to find meaningful solutions.

One issue I wanted to get ahead of was the spike in e-cigarette use among our children.

Kids across Arizona are being hyper-marketed harmful nicotine products with appealing sounding flavors like mango, strawberry-banana, and crème brule. This crisis represents the training wheels to developing future smokers.

I introduced a bipartisan bill to reclassify vaping products under the definition of tobacco products to keep them out of the hands of our kids and out of our schools. You can read more about my bill and the rise of teen vaping in this article from the Arizona Republic.

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