Even though it seems the federal government can’t get much
accomplished, in Arizona we continue to do the people’s work. I
wanted to take a quick moment to share a few bills I’m working

Horrified by the story of an incapacitated young woman sexually
assaulted at Hacienda Healthcare, Senator Brophy McGee and I
introduced a bill closing a licensing loophole and increasing
state oversight to better protect vulnerable patients at
intermediate-care facilities.

SB1089 expands the list of telemedicine services covered by
healthcare insurers to improve access in rural communities. It
passed the Health and Human Services Committee unanimously.

SB1065 funds four full years of Career and Technical Education
for students. These students graduate at a rate of over 90%. It
unanimously passed the full Senate unanimously and was
transmitted to the House.

Today on the Appropriations Committee, we will be hearing my
bill to expand dental benefits to pregnant women on Medicaid
which experts say can lead to healthier babies.

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