Your medical records belong to you. It shouldn’t be a struggle to obtain them.

Caitlin Secrist was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatitis that severely impacted her day-to-day life. When she finally found a surgeon offering a solution, she was elated. Her surgeon requested her complete medical records, but there was a problem. The hospital providing the original diagnosis filed for bankruptcy and abruptly closed their doors.

Caitlin found herself fighting with bureaucrats over her medical records so she could proceed with treatment.

No patient should be forced to delay treatment waiting for personal medical records. I was the prime sponsor of SB1169 which forces closing or moving medical facilities to hand over a patient’s medical records or face a $10,000 fine. My bill sailed through the legislature and was signed by Governor Ducey.

A second aspect of the bill ensures social security records are affordable and accessible.

Caitlin’s story inspired a change to statute so no one ever has to wait on life-saving treatment again.