I began session introducing three bills designed to curtail the e-cigarette epidemic poisoning our kids and high school campuses across the state. All three of my bills mysteriously stalled in the Legislature.

Then along comes Big Tobacco with SB1147. Philip Morris’ parent company and the Vapor Technology Association descended on the Capitol under the auspices of raising the legal age to buy tobacco to 21, but in reality rolling back current regulations to prevent marketing tobacco products to minors and preempting any local regulation.

• Zoning regulations keeping tobacco retailers away from schools disappear
• Restrictions on tobacco marketing disappear
• Smoke-free zones disappear

The purpose of SB1147 is to hook an entire new generation of Arizona kids. Make no mistake…e-cigarettes contain nicotine, are highly addictive and are harmful to teenagers.

We’ve seen this movie before. Now Big Tobacco is writing the sequel Thank you for smoking Part 2.

To read more about Big Tobacco’s legislative lie, you can read about it here.