We’ve heard too many heartbreaking stories from friends and family members struggling to treat diabetes with the soaring cost of insulin.

Enter Eli Lilly – offering a solution in the form of Insulin Lispro Injection which is their half-priced, generic version of Humalog Insulin. Yet, one major problem exists…Insulin Lispro is mysteriously absent from pharmaceutical shelves in Arizona. After promoting Lispro in pharmacies nationwide, patients are still being driven towards higher-cost alternatives of this lifesaving medication.

Working with the Arizona American Diabetes Association, I launched an urgent inquiry into why patients cannot fill prescriptions with the lower cost Lispro, why it is unavailable in Arizona pharmacies and the general rising cost of insulin overall.

I intend to address the overall issue of insulin affordability in the next legislative session. We will be looking at best practices in other states who have introduced legislation to curb skyrocketing costs. Stabilizing access and affordability for individuals trying to manage diabetes is the right thing to do.

Here is a recent article from the AZ Republic on insulin availability.

Please send me any personal stories regarding insulin pricing to help me advocate for Arizonans.