Arizona has always celebrated strong families. We take care of our parents, try to leave a better world for our children and are unwavering pro-life.

I was proud to stand with my colleague, State Senator Kate Brophy McGee, and March for Dimes to build on Arizona’s pro-family legacy by introducing a package of bills that will result in healthier moms and babies.

That package of bills included:

  • Extending postpartum care
  • Expand newborn screening panels to prevent child fatalities
  • Increasing the number of OBGYNs across the state
  • Establishing a “Maternity Mental Health Task Force” to study postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Provide dental benefits to pregnant mothers

Our bills are being cosponsored and supported by legislators on both sides of the aisle. I’m optimistic we can get them across the finish line and signed by the Governor.

When it comes to promoting strong families, Arizona is second to none!