When people mention the name Goldwater, they think of Arizona. The Goldwater family has developed a political pedigree unmatched in Arizona. They are resolute defenders of Conservative values such as personal responsibility, economic freedom, federalism and limited government. It is an honor to have Barry Goldwater Jr. support my reelection campaign. I wanted to share his note to me, with you:

“You find yourself challenged by another Republican legislator. It is unacceptable to me that we spend a lot of energy fighting within our party, when we should be using those resources to increase our ranks of Republicans. I know you as a conservative with an intellectually independent slant. You look at each issue before taking action. I like that about you. You are and have been a good Republican, you are conservative; you have an excellent track record; and thus I support you for reelection to the Arizona State Senate.”

The best always,
Barry M Goldwater, Jr.