Today, former Governor Jan Brewer endorsed State Senator Heather Carter’s reelection campaign in Legislative District 15.

“Senator Heather Carter is one of the most fearless lawmakers when it comes to the pursuit of doing what’s best for Arizona. She is a stalwart defender of good governance which has resulted in balanced state budgets, $1 billion rainy-day fund and reinvestment in critical state programs that benefit children and the most vulnerable.

While I served with her, we reduced the burden on Arizona taxpayers, improved our schools, and eliminated cumbersome regulations which unlocked opportunity for all Arizona businesses to succeed. Heather is courageous, solutions-driven, and cares deeply about all Arizonans. Her formula for success as a legislator is simple – do what’s right for Arizona.
I am proud to stand with Heather Carter and wholeheartedly endorse her reelection to the State Senate,” said Governor Brewer.

Senator Carter had the following to say upon receiving Governor Brewer’s high-profile endorsement.

“Governor Brewer was instrumental in steering Arizona out of the last economic downturn. She made bold decisions and demonstrated good governance to lead the Arizona recovery. We find ourselves in a similar situation now. Knowing she has the confidence in me to usher in the next Arizona recovery is truly humbling. I’m incredibly grateful to receive the support of Governor Brewer, who embodies Arizona Republican values.”