Dear Friends and Supporters,

National groups are descending on the LD15 Senate race. My opponent and her allies are shipping out-of-state canvassers to our district with pamphlets misrepresenting my record.

Don’t believe me, watch the videos for yourself!

The first video he admits he's "out here for Nancy Barto." In the next video he admits to being 'out-of-state.'



Out-of-state canvassers with pamphlets misrepresenting my record.

Wyoming? Giving "free trips" to people and paying people $100 a day this weekend? Who’s paying for this? Yet, ANOTHER outside group!

This is the difference between my opponent's campaign and my campaign.

I have the support of hard working Arizonans and she has outside groups doing her campaigning.

Right now, there is an illegal text message going out to voters in LD 15 with nothing but more twisted, political attacks. Who’s paying for this?

This weekend, her “volunteers” were handing out literature without the proper campaign disclosures and pretending like two different people left the flyers.

Don’t believe me, watch THIS video for yourself!

“Volunteers” handing out literature without the proper campaign disclosures.

Lying, Cheating, Breaking the law.

It’s despicable.

Help me push back against this outside interference by sharing this message or making a contribution to my campaign. Feel free to call me directly for more information 602-697-9777.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.