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The sweetest Valentine’s Day Story! 'I love you best': 71 years, 2 sisters, 1 Valentine and a tradition that endures via @azcentral

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"Chorus of the Captains," a poem by @TheAmandaGorman to honor James Martin, Trimaine Davis, Suzie Dorner and community heroes everywhere. #SBLV

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I support @HeatherCarterAZ because we need a Republican who truly understands the critical educational needs our district schools have.

I support @HeatherCarterAZ because she fights for reasonable solutions for all Arizonans, not just the special interest groups.

@HeatherCarterAZ was a district school teacher before becoming our Republican State Senator. She gets it. #VoteHeatherCarter

I encourage my friends and family to #VoteHeatherCarter this Aug 4th because we need someone who represents the people, not the interest groups with the biggest checks.

@HeatherCarterAZ is a healthcare champion. She fought to ensure our rural hospitals had access to more doctors and telemedicine services to help heal people across the state.